Our Process

Our Hemp is greenhouse-grown using organic methods and is harvested at the peak of maturity. The harvested plants contain the maximum amounts of CBD (and compliant THC). The plants are hung in our dry room for at least 14 days to cure and dry. They are then shredded and undergo Supercritical CO2 Extraction, which is currently the safest and cleanest method to extract the CBD into a fine, high-quality oil. The CBD oil undergoes refinement with all-natural processes. The purified CBD is converted into Delta-8-THC using a proprietary, organic method using no harsh chemicals. The Delta-8-THC is further refined using Chromatography, which is a safe and effective process that helps to eliminate any impurities. Delta-8-THC then finds its way into our beautiful, hand-crafted, 100%-Virginia hemp-based products.

According to
 Kyle Boyar, a staff research associate at the University of California San Diego’s Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research, “most people are not actually taking the time to distill [Delta-8 THC] or use chromatography”, thus leaving behind potentially unwanted reaction leftovers or by-products. Flower for the People use the cleanest and safest methods possible, including distillation and chromatography to bring you a safe and quality product that stands above the masses.