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Dreamy Clouds Pre-Roll

Dreamy Clouds Pre-Roll

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Our Dreamy Clouds variety is grown in beautiful Newport News, VA. This flower is greenhouse-grown and hand trimmed. Dreamy Clouds is as potent as it is pleasant with its far-reaching effects and earthy floral dream-like scent. Its delicate nature and mild, nutty flavor compliment an overall soothing experience. It comes in at 6.56% CBD and is fully tested for safety.

Cherry Wine x Dream Tonic 

Terpene/Flavor Notes:
Earthy, fruity, floral and nutty. Very comforting smell as well as taste. Perfect pairing with your morning coffee to get your day started off right.  

Delta-8 THC infused organic hemp flower
< 0.3% Delta-9 THC

21+ Only, underage sale is prohibited. 

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